Kodiak Road System Adventures

The Kodiak road system is roughly 40 miles long, easily accessible by car and full of incredible vistas,  diverse flora and fauna, and the colorful history of Kodiak! There is a multitude of streams, lakes and beaches to fish as well! Ramblin’ On The Rock conducts day trips on the Kodiak road system with roundtrip transportation, gear and snacks provided. This is an excellent option for the whole family, those on a tight schedule or simply seeking a variety of flavors. Fishing,  nature photography, hiking and sightseeing can be fair to OUTSTANDING.

Fishing July through October.

*A strict policy of catch and release only is practiced with Rainbow/Steelhead trout. 

* Felt bottom wading boots are ILLEGAL in the State of Alaska.

Sightseeing / Hiking / Nature Viewing Excellent Year round!

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