Kodiak Remote Adventures

Kodiak Island is over 100 miles long, of which the vast majority is remote and accessible only by bush plane or boat. It is in this pristine wilderness that the Kodiak Brown Bear reigns supreme and salmon fuel the food chain. It is a landscape of towering old growth Sitka Spruce and the northern rainforest,  giving way to Alder and Salmonberry jungle growth with gnarled Cottonwoods , surrendering finally to a vast expanse of vibrant Red Willow and rolling tundra as far as the eye can see. Ramblin’ On The Rock is fortunate to call this wild kingdom home! 


Remote trips are all-inclusive, most often overnight, multi-day adventures with roundtrip travel from Kodiak City by floatplane to a predetermined destination in pursuit of solitude and a high quality wilderness experience.  Upon arrival, a standard base camp is set up from which to begin our adventure.

This includes the following:


Safety Your guide (Stig) equipped with non-lethal bear deterrents, high-power rifle, medical kit, satellite phone, and handheld marine vhf/ aircraft radio.


Shelter 4 season tents with wood fire and/or gas heat. 5,000 volt electric fence for base camp. 0 degree or 20 degree synthetic sleeping bags with sleeping pads and/or cots.


Vittles(food) As much real food and drink as weight will allow on our plane. Gear necessary for camp cooking, comfort etc.

  • Dehydrated food will be kept to a minimum.

  • Water will be filtered for drinking on site or obtained from a nearby spring.

  • Bring your own alcohol!


Gear You are encouraged to bring your own rods, reels, waders ,sunglasses and boots if possible. All flies and hardware are provided. Backup rods/reels,  rain gear etc are also provided. Your guide also comes equipped with Swarovski optics  for finding and observing animals.


Weight limits are a reality on bush flights so we strive to accommodate that and keep our pilots happy and us safe! Weather dictates life on Kodiak, so we work around that as best we can. This often involves planning a little extra time before and after a trip to compensate for layovers.