Hello and welcome!

Kodiak is an island of boundless beauty, filled with infinite opportunity for the outdoor enthusiast and adventure seeker.  Ramblin’ On The Rock is proud to offer full service guided fishing, bear viewing/ nature photography and wilderness adventure on both the Kodiak road system and Kodiak remote drainages. It would be a genuine pleasure to share the wide open spaces of the Emerald Isle with you!


What is Ramblin’ On The Rock?

It is an inspiration for all who seek a world without walls where we are as free as the wind to blow where we may.  Ramblin’ On The Rock fully embraces the perpetual child within,  the courage to defy age and convention and play hard from dark to dark! Carpe diem, everyday. Every day! Allow yourself the opportunity to experience Kodiak Island through a kaleidoscope lens of piscine dreams, Jurassic bears and mountains of splendor. Ramblin’ On The Rock prides itself on extreme flexibility in being able to offer a varied menu and unique experience to everyone. This means having the ability and resources to go anywhere any time and catch fish and see bears and do whatever your wild heart desires! Trips take place on Kodiak Archipelago State, Federal and Native lands.


Who is your guide?

My name is Stig Yngve and I am the owner/operator of Ramblin’ On The Rock Fishing and Adventure Service. I am a proud 32 year lifetime resident of Kodiak Island and the roots run deep. I am legit. I am a fully licensed and insured fishing guide/ wilderness outfitter, fly tier, wilderness gypsy, and adventure seeker. I have been blessed with a colorful upbringing as a commercial fisherman, Alaska Department of Fish and Game salmon scientist and wilderness guide. I am certified in First AID/CPR, and Wilderness and Cold Weather Survival Training. It is my goal to show you a slice of Planet Earth you never knew existed!